• High Abrasion SkirtboardWear high-resistance elastomer; ideal to use in mining plants, cement factories and for all type of contact with abrasive materials, such as sides on conveyor belts and other different applications.High Abrasion Skirtboard EVEREST RUBBER COMPANY
  • Neoprene Comercial UseNeoprene-based elastomer, with good balance in properties and moderate cost, excellent for flanges and gaskets that require the chemical resistance of neoprene.Neoprene Comercial Use EVEREST RUBBER COMPANY
  • Cloth Insertion RubberGasket manufactured with SBR and reinforced with cotton fabric; ideal for sealing of flanged gaskets with pressures of more than 100 PSI.Cloth Insertion Rubber EVEREST RUBBER COMPANY
  • Snowplow Rubber CuttingThis product is designed for use as belt wiper or conveyor skirtboard. Skirtboard is ideal for mounting pad, flapping, sealing strips, or general construction and industrial use where abrasion resistance is imperativeSnowplow Rubber Cutting EVEREST RUBBER COMPANY
  • Nitrilo Transformer UseMaximum quality Nitrile regarding its mechanical properties and resistance to oils and grease, excellent to manufacture all type of gaskets and flanges that are in contact with the oil in distribution and power transformers.Nitrilo Transformer Use EVEREST RUBBER COMPANY

SANITARY NEOPRENE EVEREST RUBBER COMPANYElastomer composed of 100% neoprene of the highest quality, with the best tension-resistance and elongation properties, excellent to cut all type of gaskets for the chemical and oil industries, its use is recommended when requiring the maximum temperature and aging resistance tipical of neoprene.



Physical and chemical properties

Shore “A” hardness Tensile strength, minimal Elongation, minimal Temperature Range Oils Acids Outdoors Abrasion
60-65 650 PSI 500 % -13°F to 248°F
Excellent Excellent Good


Products Dimensions

Plate Sheets
3´3" x 3´3", in 1/16" to 1" thickness 3´3" x 32´ 9" long, with 1/16" to 1/4" thickness













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  • Some Materials


    Nitrile-based elastomer, does not contain any FDA-prohibited substance; Excellent for gaskets on storage tanks, reactors and all type of containers that store food products; useful in packaging and bottling facilities.more

  • Some Materials


    Neoprene gasket specially manufactured to comply with the maximum wear-resistance requirements, combining the most demanding safety standards regarding fire control; this is a self-extinguishable material (when flame is removed, the rubber self-extinguishes).more